Can Your AC Freeze in Winter?

There are certain times of the year when you should do some regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system, but there are people who wonder if the outside unit should be covered once the weather gets cold. There may be some reasons why you should consider covering your AC unit after the summer is over, but it’s not just because of the cold.

Your AC unit is built to take the rain and snow. But it might not be able to handle all the leaves, seeds, and nuts that come down during the Fall. And while there’s a good chance that your AC can handle ice and snow, moisture in the condenser coils can freeze.

There’s no way to keep moisture out of the unit all the time. And while you may think that covering the unit during the winter can be beneficial, the opposite is true. Covering your AC will keep moisture inside the unit, and it can cause mold to grow. So, you’re better off not using a cover during the winter months.

Running Your AC in Cold Weather

Most people don’t want to cool their homes when it’s cold outside, but there are some who might consider running it so they can test the system. It may be because they want to make repairs, or they may want to prove to a potential buyer that it’s working. An outdoor AC unit should never be run in cold weather because there’s a great deal of oil in the compressor that works like it does inside your car’s engine.

Like motor oil, the type that’s used in compressors has different grades. And the oil that’s used in these units are meant for summer use. So, it has a thicker viscosity than lighter grades. And when it gets too cold, the oil can get thicker than is required for safe operation.

Quality Air Conditioning and Heating Units

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