Carrier Dealer in EvansvilleAt Schmitt Refrigeration, Inc. we are proud to be a Carrier Dealer. We believe the Blue Oval with the Carrier insignia is a clear sign of quality engineering and the latest in energy efficient technology. You will find more information on some of the Carrier line of products below. We install new HVAC products in the Evansville, Newburgh, Chandler, Owensboro, and Henderson areas.

Carrier Air Conditioning- Air Conditioners, Fan Coils, and Air Handlers

Responsible for inventing the modern air conditioning, you can expect only the best from a Carrier air conditioner. Offering a number of state-of-the-art central air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial customers, you can always count on Carrier to provide excellent results with its high quality, long lasting products. Carrier air conditioners are also among the most energy efficient in the industry, with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) as high as 21. Whether you are interested in a split or packaged unit, your dealer is prepared to help you choose a Carrier air conditioning system that is the right fit for your space and cooling needs.

Carrier Heating- Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pumps in EvansvilleWhen winter weather arrives and you need to replace your heating system, Carrier has a number of great system types to choose from. From gas and oil furnaces to energy efficient heat pumps, Carrier heating systems offer exceptional results and energy efficiency. In fact, Carrier furnaces have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of up to 98.5%. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial unit, your trusted HVAC dealer can properly size your system to ensure optimal heating results.

Carrier Indoor Air Quality Products – Humidifiers, Air Filtration, and Air Purification

air-filtrationDid you know that there are millions of airborne particles in your home, consisting of everything from viruses and bacteria to pet dander, chemical particles, and allergens? Carrier offers residential and commercial indoor air quality products such as air cleaners, germicidal lamps, ventilators, carbon monoxide detectors, and humidifiers, among others. These products may be easily supplemented into your space’s heating and cooling system to provide whole-home results. We can easily help you evaluate your needs and match you with a system.

Carrier Geothermal Products – Geothermal Heat Pumps

Interested in having a geothermal system installed on your residential or commercial property? Geothermal systems are a cost-effective and energy efficient way to heat and cool your space using energy from below earth’s surface, or a sufficient body of water, such as a pond or well. Carrier geothermal systems offer high efficiency ratings and easy installation. When you are ready to go green, we can help you choose a geothermal system and installation method that is right for your space!