The Importance of Heating Maintenance in Evansville

When it comes to heating in Evansville, our goal at Schmitt Refrigeration is to keep you warm and save you money. For many homeowners, this seems like an impossible task. Your heating unit eats a giant chunk of your money – it accounts for about 30 percent of your energy usage each year. This means your furnace is the single largest energy consumer in your home. By saving money on your heating bills, you are not only decreasing your carbon consumption but keeping more money in your pocket, too. Here are a few easy tips to stay warm and not sacrifice your comfort this winter.
1. Have your furnace serviced. Filters can get clogged, your unit can leak, and gas lines can get holes. These problems cause your unit to run less efficiently and can be downright dangerous. Call us at Schmitt Refrigeration to schedule your seasonal furnace visit. A professional furnace technician will thoroughly inspect your unit, gas lines, and make sure that your furnace is running at capacity.
2. Ditch the drafts. A draft will make your home feel colder and probably cause you to turn your thermostat up. Before you turn your temperature up, try rolling up a towel and putting it under your doors. This will keep cold air from getting in and warm air from getting out.
3. Use a programmable thermostat. Don’t waste money heating your home when you aren’t even there. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust your temperature to be lower while you are gone and then turn up so that it is warm when you get home. There are lots of easily programmable and Wi-Fi thermostat options. Call us today to see what will work the best for you.
4. Check the caulking and weather-stripping around your windows. Windows that are not sealed properly will let in a lot of cold air. Replace any old weather stripping and use silicone caulk to seal your windows and doors.
5. Layer up. This sounds simple but it is one of the best ways to save money and keep warm. Wear sweaters and pants inside. At night, use cozy blankets. This will allow you to stay warm without turning up the heat.
Following these simple tips will help you stay warm and save energy this Indiana winter. If you’re still unsatisfied with your energy usage or your unit as a whole, contact us at Schmitt Refrigeration to answer your questions or provide you with a new, energy efficient unit for your home.