When it comes to heating your home, you know that the winters around Evansville require you to have a functioning furnace unit. However, when you replace your current furnace, you may want to get something with better efficiency. Discover what two-stage furnaces are and how they deliver better efficiency and improve your home’s comfort.

What Is a Two-stage Furnace?

A base model furnace’s burner is either on or off, burning at high whenever the furnace runs. A two-stage unit has two different heat intensities the burner will use depending on how cold your home is compared to the set temperature.

Better Efficiency

The first benefit of a two-stage furnace is the better efficiency it’ll provide. It’ll run on the first stage, or low, for about 75% of the time but with longer cycles. The difference in fuel burned between the first and second stages is enough to make the first stage more efficient, even with a longer cycle.

Longer Service Life

The hardest part of the heating cycle on your furnace is the start-up. By running longer cycles, a two-stage furnace reduces the number of stops and starts. This has the effect of reducing system wear, extending your furnace’s service life and reducing repairs.

Better Comfort

A single-stage furnace produces a lot of heat during a heating cycle. Each cycle lasts 10 to 15 minutes and should cycle two or three times each hour. As previously mentioned, a two-stage furnace has longer heating cycles and produces less heat at a time. However, what this means is a more constant flow of warm air coming from your vents, keeping your home at a more consistent temperature.

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