Preventing Indoor Air Pollution in Evansville

Retaining high indoor air quality is necessary for healthy living. We spend most of our time indoors on average days and even more in cold seasons. Air pollutants may cause irritations of the respiratory systems and trigger allergies. Individuals with conditions such as asthma and obstructive pulmonary diseases suffer the most from these contaminants.

Preventing indoor air pollution

  1. Choose natural cleaners and scents

Cleaning chemicals are the leading air pollutants in homes and offices. They come with a load of harsh chemicals which release harmful fumes. The scents may irritate the skin, nose, mouth, and lungs.

The fumes worsen the symptoms in asthmatics, those with chronic sinusitis, and individuals with sensitive upper airways and lungs. The resulting inflammation also makes healing difficult for those with chronic lung diseases.

To avoid these effects, opt for natural air cleaning methods such as house plants, naturally scented laundry products or mild cleaners. Additionally, let in fresh air by keeping the doors and windows open most of the time.

  1. Use quality air filters

A quality air filter sucks up all the pollutants in your house. If your home has a furnace, then a high-quality furnace filter is a must-have. The MERV rating of 11 is the most suitable. However, confirm with the furnace manufacturer as some high-performance filters may affect the operation of your heating unit.

Air conditioning systems also come with an air filter in the AC unit. You should check them regularly to ensure they are clean and working at optimum efficiency. If in Indiana, visit AC repair shops in Evansville, IN for servicing.

  1. Make the house a no smoking zone

The dangers of second-hand smoking cannot be overstressed. Third-hand smoking is the new culprit and is possibly just as bad as second-hand smoking. It results from inhaling the residue smoke particles that settle on the floor, drapes, bedding, and clothes. It is prevalent in houses with a lot of fabric and carpeting.

The home should be declared a no-smoking zone to keep it free from the killer nicotine chemicals. If the craving is unbearable, then smoke outdoors.

  1. Keep the floors clean

For clean floors, place doormats and carpets in all doors. As a result, they host a lot of dust particles and other allergens. Using a vacuum cleaner with quality filters will suck up most of these particles. For complete removal, use microfiber mops, and dust clothes to pick up the dust left not vacuumed.


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