Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are gases that can be harmful in high quantities. VOCs can be found indoors and outdoors. Although they can be products of combustion like burning, they can also “off-gas” from the building materials and furniture within your home. Examples of VOCs include benzene and formaldehyde. Paint, varnishes, caulks, adhesives, pesticides, air fresheners, cosmetic products, fuel, flooring, and furniture can all emit VOCs.

If VOCs are present in larger concentrations, people may start to feel nauseous, have difficulty breathing, have scratchy or sore throats, and irritated eyes. Prolonged exposure to a lot of VOCs could even lead to more significant, long-lasting health problems like asthma.

What You Can Do

There are several ways to reduce the impact of VOCs on your indoor air quality. Certain products may have labeling that indicates that they are low-VOC products. This is a good way to avoid these items in your cleaning and beauty products and home furnishings. If you own your home and do remodeling projects, you can also look for low-VOC building supplies. If your new products have chemicals known for VOCs, store them outside for the initial off-gassing.

Ventilation is an important part of avoiding VOCs. When painting or installing flooring, open up your windows and use fans to ventilate the space. Some people also choose to have whole-home air purifiers installed in an effort to get rid of the VOCs that may be present.

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