Many households can hear when the furnace kicks on downstairs. While it’s normal for these systems to make a variety of noises, it’s important to be able to identify sounds that may mean trouble. Rattling specifically could indicate an issue with the ductwork or heat exchanger. Here are the most common causes behind why your heating system is rattling.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Your furnace’s heat exchanger holds and safely releases combustion gasses during the heating process. When your heat exchanger becomes compromised, it can leak carbon monoxide into your breathing air. This can quickly put your family’s comfort and health at risk. Cracked heat exchangers often rattle when the blower first kicks on. Immediately turn off your furnace and contact a heating professional if your carbon monoxide detectors alert you to a gas leak.

Loose Parts

Rattling can also indicate some parts or panels have come loose. Furnaces are high-power systems that vibrate for hours every day during the cold season. This constant shaking allows some components to fall out of place. While loose parts won’t initially hurt your furnace, they can become hazardous once they’ve shaken free. Regular maintenance ensures all of your furnace’s components are tightened and lubricated.

Ductwork Issues

As your ductwork system ages, its previously tight connections can loosen and sag. These loose joints will rattle and shake when heat is blown through them. In addition to creating an unpleasant noise, this issue can also allow expensive heated air to escape into your walls. Accessing your ductwork to make repairs can be complicated, which is why you should rely on trained professionals.

Quality HVAC Service

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