One question homeowners are always asking is, “Can I save money by closing my upstairs air vents?” It is assumed that if you close off vents in rooms not being used, it will concentrate all the cool air in one place, allowing the thermostat to be set lower. But is this actually the case?

Closing Vents Reduces Airflow to the Downstairs

Closing upstairs air vents may seem like it would save you money, but it actually has the opposite effect. Air vents are designed to allow air to flow freely into the ductwork. Too much restriction of airflow can cause the system to not run well, and it might even cause damage to the system.

Closing Vents Creates Pressure Issues

You may not realize it, but your cooling system and ductwork are part of a pressurized system. When you start closing vents, you upset the balance of airflow running through the system. It’s like when you’re vacuuming and suck up a sock; you immediately know something is wrong.

Vents Are Not the Problem

If you are closing vents to try and save money, then you are going about it all wrong. Closing vents will not save you any money. This practice has no way of reducing your utility bill in any way. It will not save you money and could cost you more in repairs in the long run. The only way to lower your utility bill is to reduce your AC usage. The more often your air conditioner runs, the higher your bill will be.

What to Do Instead

If you want to lower your utility bills, a better way to do so is by getting a programmable thermostat. Rather than letting your AC unit run all day so that it is cool by the time you get home from work, you can set the temperature higher while you’re away, and then lower it 30 minutes before you arrive home. A programmable thermostat, along with using energy during off-peak times, will help you save money.

Contact a Professional

Contact Schmitt Refrigeration, Heating & Air in Evansville today for all of your air conditioning needs. We can install a programmable thermostat, give your system a tune-up, and show you how to make your AC unit work more efficiently. This will help you save time, money, and a lot of frustration.

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