York Heating Repair in Evansville, IN

Keeping warm in the winter is of vital importance for your indoor comfort. In order to achieve optimal indoor comfort, you rely on your heating system. When it is time to replace your existing York Heating system in Evansville with something newer and more energy efficient, you can count on Schmitt Heating and Cooling. From gas and oil fueled York furnaces to York heat pumps that perform both cooling and heating functions, Schmitt Refrigeration, Inc. offers a variety of replacement systems to accommodate your needs. When you are ready to replace your York heating system in Evansville or need installation for a new home or commercial property, you can rest assured that Schmitt Refrigeration, Inc. will install only use the highest quality technicians to repair or replace your furnaces, heat pumps, and heating systems.

York Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

Replacing the York air conditioning system in your Evansville home or place of business is a big investment, and you deserve to have a system that will offer high performance and energy efficient results for many years to come. Our air conditioning systems do just that. With high energy efficiency ratings, quiet operation, and the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants, you can depend on Schmitt’s selection of high quality air conditioners to be reliable and durable. Our air conditioning technicians can gladly explain the features and benefits of each system type, and help you choose one that is a perfect match for your home or commercial cooling needs. Do you need a simple inspection or repair on your York AC unit? We provide AC Repair on York air conditioners too. Contact us today to speak with an AC specialist!

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