Schmitt Refrigeration, Heating & Air provides local residential property owners with complete heater maintenance in Evansville, IN. Staying on top of your home heating system’s condition supports better indoor comfort during winter weather.

In fact, maintenance is a preventative measure that ensures your furnace runs safely and efficiently throughout the season. Each visit extends the life of your indoor heating system. This helps the equipment respond quickly and smoothly. We offer professional heating maintenance services for all types of residential properties.

You’ll see the biggest payoff if you schedule your furnace tune-up appointment every year. Skipping a few years of maintenance can lead to a system breakdown or complete equipment failure. That’s because dirt and grime build up over time and cause problems for heating systems.

Parts wear down with daily use and need replacing before they stop your furnace from working. Conducting a thorough maintenance inspection is the only way to know what shape your heating system is in. Our team is here to support your indoor comfort this winter.