Most homeowners clear away snow and ice from their driveways and sidewalks but forget to remove the buildup from the HVAC unit. As a result, your heating system becomes vulnerable to damage and reduces energy efficiency over time.

It’s essential to you clear away the snow and ice buildup on your HVAC system to avoid furnace problems. Here, are three ways that snow affects your HVAC unit in Evansville, IN.

1. Corrosive Rust

Water from snow buildup can react with oxygen in the air to form rust. Your HVAC system might be made with or coated with materials that resist corrosion. Even so, it’s still possible for rust to form around the coils in the HVAC system.

When this happens, your heating system will use more energy to warm your home than usual. Consequently, increased energy consumption will increase your monthly bills.

2. Restricted Airflow

Your heating system draws warm air from outside and blows it inside to heat your house. So, consistent airflow is essential for your HVAC unit to function optimally.

When snow collects on your HVAC vents, the system will freeze, which prevents it from transferring heat. This can cause a full-system breakdown that requires repair, so make sure that your outdoor unit has plenty of room around it.

3. Blocked Drain Pipes

Your HVAC system has exhaust vents that let out carbon monoxide, a gaseous byproduct. Excessive snow and ice buildup will block these outlets, trapping the harmful gas inside your space.

It’s crucial to install a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your house and to change the batteries yearly. Our technicians can provide professional ice removal services that keep your exhaust pipes clear to send the hazardous gas outdoors.

Regular HVAC system maintenance will ensure you enjoy comfortable air inside your house throughout winter. Let us provide you with quality AC installation, repair, and maintenance services in Evansville, IN and the surrounding areas. Contact Schmitt Refrigeration, Heating & Air to schedule your appointment.

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