As you plan your New Year activities, you should consider scheduling a professional HVAC evaluation. At Schmitt Refrigeration, Heating & Air, we encourage our Evansville clients to prioritize these annual maintenance checks. Here are some of the perks of making HVAC service appointments.

Prevent Damage

The furnace and AC are among the most expensive home equipment and require constant care. To benefit fully from this investment, you should schedule regular service appointments that will allow our HVAC technicians to evaluate the system to fix minor problems before they cause significant damage.

Reduced Energy Consumption

During our evaluation, we perform minor repairs to ensure your HVAC system keeps working efficiently. By doing simple tasks like changing the filters and tightening loose parts, we ensure the unit works efficiently, thus reducing its energy consumption. Since HVAC units consume huge amounts of your power supply throughout the year, a service appointment can help decrease utility bills.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

When you hire our Schmitt Refrigeration, Heating & Air experts for an HVAC evaluation in Evansville, you enjoy improved indoor air quality. We clean the system, remove accumulated dust, seal leaky ducts and restore optimal function. This service allows you to enjoy increased airflow and cleaner air for a more comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. Our annual inspections also help prevent dangerous issues like carbon monoxide, mold and fire hazards from occurring.

Cost Reduction

Many ignore the annual evaluation appointments when they don’t notice any problem with the system. However, some issues may develop over time and cause significant damage that affects the entire HVAC system. With regular maintenance checks, we can fix small problems to avoid major repair or replacement costs.

Contact the Pros

At [company_ name], we have over five decades of experience serving Evansville residents by providing quality HVAC repair, installation and maintenance services. Our expertly trained technicians work on all types of HVAC systems. We also offer commercial HVAC and refrigeration services to businesses in the area.

Contact our [company_ name] experts today and book your slot for exceptional HVAC services in Evansville, IN, and the nearby areas.

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