Hot and humid summers in Evansville, IN will make you turn to your air conditioning system for relief. Each time the air conditioner performs a cooling cycle, it uses a chemical refrigerant and electricity to absorb heat and condense humidity out of your home’s air. The refrigerant transfers heat to the outdoors, and the cycle repeats itself until your home’s air reaches your preferred temperature. Let’s take a look at how using an air conditioner causes different types of air pollution.

Burning Fossil Fuels

Nearly all Evansville homes are connected to the power grid. Utility companies still get most of their electricity through the burning of fossil fuels. This means that each time your air conditioner runs a cooling cycle, some fossil fuels are burned. Burning fossil fuels creates air pollution and is a leading factor in climate change.

Refrigerant leaks

Over time, the tubes that carry the air conditioner’s refrigerant may corrode, rust or crack. This may cause the refrigerant to leak out of the closed-loop system. If your air conditioner was manufactured before 2010, it may use R-22 as the refrigerant. Also known as the brand name Freon, this chemical interacts with the ozone layer, causes air pollution and contributes to climate change.

Air Conditioner Components

Many parts of your air conditioner are made from plastic. The process of producing plastic also causes air pollution. Mining copper for the tubing and wiring in the air conditioner releases pollutants into the air, too. Using disposable air filters in the air handler portion of the air conditioner also involves manufacturing processes that create air pollution.

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