Are you trying to find the least expensive way to cool your home this summer? While many homes were built with central air, mini-split systems have recently become popular because of their improved efficiency. By updating your home with a ductless system, you could maximize your HVAC system’s cooling abilities.

Efficiency of Mini-splits

Central air systems rely on ductwork to transport cool air to every room in your home. Mini-split systems don’t require any ductwork and instead pump the air directly into the room without having to travel from your basement. Depending on the age and efficiency of your ductwork, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars on bloated energy bills. This is caused by valuable cool air leaking into your walls or uninsulated areas.

Mini-split systems also tend to be more efficient because they can use variable speeds. Traditional central air systems only have one speed, meaning that you can only turn your AC compressor on or off. Mini-splits will turn on to cool your home to the desired temperature before they lower their output to maintain that comfort level for longer. Central air’s start-stop routine is much less efficient than a mini-split system’s variable speed control.

Central air is no longer the most efficient way to keep up with your modern household. Mini-split systems have the efficiency and flexibility to meet and exceed all of your family’s indoor comfort needs.

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