HVAC maintenance done in Evansville, IN.
November 17

Is a Two-stage Furnace Better Than a Single-stage Unit?

When it comes to heating your home, you know that the winters around Evansville require you to have a functioning furnace unit. However, when you… View Article Read More

Noisy Furnace in Evansville, IN
October 20

4 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Making a Whistling Noise

Furnaces can make strange noises, from banging and popping to humming and whistling. While some of these noises are simply due to the furnace’s regular… View Article Read More

Commercial ACRepair in Evansville, IN
September 19

How to Muffle the Noise From Your Office’s AC Unit

A noisy commercial air conditioner can be a major annoyance during the hot summer months. If you or your employees are struggling to concentrate due… View Article Read More

Ductless AC in Evansville, IN
August 10

Which Are More Efficient: Mini-splits or Central Air?

Are you trying to find the least expensive way to cool your home this summer? While many homes were built with central air, mini-split systems… View Article Read More

AC Compressor problems in Evansville, IN
July 20

4 Common AC Compressor Problems

If you are a resident of Evansville, IN and your air conditioner’s compressor is not working properly, you may wonder what could be wrong. Several… View Article Read More

Environmental Health in Evansville, IN
June 20

Is Your Air Conditioning System Polluting the Air?

Hot and humid summers in Evansville, IN will make you turn to your air conditioning system for relief. Each time the air conditioner performs a… View Article Read More

Closing Air Vents in Evansville, IN
May 20

What Happens to Your System When You Close Upstairs Air Vents?

One question homeowners are always asking is, “Can I save money by closing my upstairs air vents?” It is assumed that if you close off… View Article Read More

April 18

3 Ways That a Smart Thermostat Can Save You Money

Thanks to modern technology, you can now purchase incredibly advanced smart thermostats for your home. These programmable thermostats come packed with useful features and can… View Article Read More